Every minute that your business is without power costs you money. If you are experiencing commercial electrical issues AC/DC Electric can help. We are the experts at commercial electrical diagnosis and troubleshooting. We deliver all of the needed commercial electrical services to make sure that your commercial electrical system is functioning properly. Whether you are looking for maintenance, repair, renovation or a custom electrical system we can help you out. The electricians employed by AC/DC Electric are professional, safety certified and experienced, making sure that your commercial electrical provides you with the power that you need to run your business!

AC/DC Electric Commercial Electrical Services

AC/DC Electric Commercial Electrical Services in San Diego

The commercial electrician who you hire makes all of the difference in the outcome of your finished project. When you are in the market for commercial electrical services in San Diego, do not make the mistake of hiring an amateur. The secret to having your commercial electrical job properly completed is choosing an experienced and knowledgeable electrician.

Poor electrical work can lead to all sorts of problems down the road. This is why you want to hire the best in the beginning to assure that the electrical is properly installed, fire-safe and will hold up over time.

Choose AC/DC Electric for commercial electrical work in San Diego

AC/DC Electric is one of the most trusted names in California for commercial electrical services. We are experts in electrical installation, repair and troubleshooting. When you choose AC/DC Electric you can feel confident that you are working with highly trained expert electricians.

The Advantages of Choosing AC/DC Electrical Services

Our professional electric technicians at AC/DC Commercial Electrical Services are knowledgeable about current commercial electrical standards. We use the most modern techniques and tools to properly install commercial electrical systems safely and correctly.

AC/DC Commercial Electrical Services are well-informed about the electrical needs of various commercial businesses and industries. From retail to restaurants we can install, design or repair any commercial electrical system. If you have an commercial electrical emergency we will prioritize your call to make sure that you can be back in business as soon as possible.

The pros at AC/DC Electric always put safety first. We will make sure that your electrical system is not only safe today but safe long into the future.

AC/DC Electric are professional, always obtaining the proper permits and inspecting each job thoroughly to make sure that your commercial electrical work is up to industry standards.

AC/DC Electric provides most competitive price quotes on commercial electrical work in San Diego. We deliver detailed quotes and honest up-front pricing to provide you with budget conscious commercial electrical services. AC/DC Electric will never surprise you with a higher than expected final bill. We are honest about the cost of commercial electrical work from the beginning and provide a free initial quote.

AC/DC Electric Commercial Electric Diagnosis and Repair

No matter what your commercial electrical needs are, AC/DC Electric can assist you! We are the experts at commercial electric diagnosis, repair and troubleshooting. If you arent sure what the problem is AC/DC Electric are the guys to call. By using modern electrical system analysis techniques AC/DC Electric can quickly identify issues with your commercial electrical set up. Once the problem is identified our electrical technicians act quickly to repair it so that you can get back in business!

At AC/DC Electric we understand that your time is valuable and every minute that electrical problems hinder your business you are losing money. This is why AC/DC Electric prioritizes electrical emergencies for the commercial business operators. Call us and we will have your electrical problems solved and resolved as soon as possible.

AC/DC Commercial Electric Installations and Upgrades

There are many businesses that rely on working electrical systems to operate. In many instances special electrical wiring is required for equipment and lighting.

At AC/DC Electric we are skilled at installing and upgrading commercial building electrical systems to assure that you have enough power to run your business smoothly. We always make sure that the electrical equipment and lighting has enough power to operate safely without tripping or power outages. If your commercial business has special electrical requirements we can customize a system to meet your needs.

Electrical Improvements

Whether it is an additional outlet or a complete electrical overhaul AC/DC Electric can assist you. We know how create excellent commercial electrical set ups to help you operate your business!

Safety and Security Commercial Electrical

AC/DC Electric can help you address your safety and security needs by providing you with an electrical system for your commercial business. We are experienced with installing motion detectors, security systems, back up generators, dimmer switches, flood lighting and more.

Speciality Lighting

Certain businesses require special lighting systems to help create a unique atmosphere. AC/DC Electric also provides custom lighting for commercial businesses. We can create a lighting design that suits your interior design and provides you with a unique ambience.

Other Commercial Electrical Services By AC/DC Electrical

AC/DC Electric can assist with ANY commercial electrical job. We assist with new commercial building projects, commercial renovations, warehouse light and outdoor lighting.

Dont make the mistake of hiring an inexperienced commercial electrician. Choose a great commercial electrician with an excellent reputation to assure that your job is done right the first time.

AC/DC Commercial Electrical Services in San Diego provide extensive commercial electrical assistance for business operators. If you want to hire an affordable, knowledgable and guaranteed electrician then AC/DC Electric is an excellent choice.

AC/DC Electrical are available 24 hours for emergency commercial electrical maintenance.


  • New Buildings
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Dedicated Circuits
  • Troubleshooting
  • Warehouse/Office Lighting
  • Outdoor/Security Lighting
  • Site Lighting
  • Circuit Tracing
  • Panel Upgrades
  • Equipment & Machinery Connections
  • Service/Switchgea Equipment/Upgrades & Maintenance
  • All Single & Three Phase Wiring
  • Independent Metering
  • Generators/Transfer Switches
  • Server Rooms
  • A/C Systems
  • Exit Sign Installation
  • Security Camera Installation
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Carbon Monooxide / Smoke Detector